Improving Real Estate With Stated Income Loans

Stated income commercial real estate loans are an excellent alternative to traditional small-business financing options. Here at Upward Capital Funding, we offer a diverse range of financial services that can help your business get the funding it needs, when it needs it.


Unlike a traditional financing program, a stated income loan does not involve in-depth research into the borrower’s credit history and financial position. Instead, the main area of concern is the piece of real estate involved. In order to for the loan to be approved, the property’s income value must be able to cover its mortgage, taxes, and insurance costs. This means that the approval process is much quicker and simpler because much less documentation is required.

Loan Parameters

Our loan program parameters are designed to help ensure your business’s success. We offer up to 65% LTV for retail, office, warehouse, auto service, and self-storage facilities, and up to 70% LTV for small investment properties that are not occupied by the owner. We can offer up to 75% LTV for large multiuse and mixed family properties. Our purchase or refinance loans range in size from $100,000 to $5 million, and are available to qualified borrowers with a credit score of 600 or above.

Soft Money

We also offer soft money loans of up to $500,000. These programs have fixed rates and are fully amortizing for up to 25 years. Generally, closing takes as little as two to three weeks to complete, and almost all commercial property types are accepted. Some options include:

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Retail facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Offices


A stated income commercial real estate loan can be used for many different applications, from providing working capital to refinancing. If you’d like to make improvements to a property you own or purchase a new one, our financing programs can help; we can also help you restructure or consolidate your debt.

Upward Capital Funding can help your business get the real estate it needs. If you would like to receive an application or have a representative contact you with more details, be sure to call us today.