Distressed Note Acquisition Financing

At Upward Capital Funding, we recognize that distressed note acquisitions can me delicate and complex transactions. In most situations, the buyer must carry the burden of researching information such as:

  • All previous owners
  • The various types of property involved
  • Prior legal actions
  • The terms of the note
  • Any covenants

Our experts will perform an in-depth analysis of any distressed note transactions, to provide a report on the overall profitability. We have the experience and financial reserves to handle distressed note acquisitions of any size, to help minimize your risk and help you turn a profit.

Distressed Note Acquisitions With Upward Capital Funding

Distressed note transactions are frequently placed in either senior or subordinated debt. Upward Capital Funding offers a number of financing solutions for distressed note acquisitions, including:

  • Direct purchasing of distressed notes with a transfer of ownership
  • Single loans for individual note transactions
  • Non-recourse financing options
  • Customized financing options for multiple note acquisitions

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Whether you are handling acquisitions for single or multiple distressed notes, having a trusted partner with experience and depth of knowledge can ensure success and profitability. Upward Capital Funding will work directly with you to create a financing solution tailored to your requirements.