Access Fast Payments for Your Invoices With Accounts Receivable Financing

When your business is faced with low cash flow, most conventional lending avenues will not provide funding quickly enough to cover immediate needs such as rent and payroll. You can turn to accounts receivable financing through Upward Capital Funding to access capital quickly and easily. Financing receivables, or factoring, provides fast payment for your open invoices.

Factoring Your Open Invoices

Traditional lenders usually require your business to go through a complex application and wait weeks or months for approval. Your business will lose the time and effort spent to complete the process if the loan is not approved and will need to start over with a different financial institution. Even if you are approved, you most likely will not access the cash in time to cover immediate operating costs.

Factoring is not a complex or lengthy funding option. Selling your invoices is a simple transaction that provides cash in a matter of days. Once you receive funding, the sale is completed without a future of fixed loan payments.

The Upward Capital Funding Program

Our program offers you quick cash and many excellent benefits:

  • Financing or any type of business
  • Qualification based on your customers’ credit
  • Credit insurance on your customers at no cost to you
  • No personal guarantees required
  • Collections handled by our team

Access Cash for Your Immediate Expenses

The Upward Capital Funding program can get you capital quickly enough to cover immediate expenses. Contact us today for a no-fee analysis and to learn more about factoring your receivables.