Inventory Financing

Maintaining a steady cash flow is of the utmost importance. For small businesses, cash flow strains are frequently caused by staggered payment schedules and outstanding customer invoices. This can get even more harrowing when the revenue from those unsettled accounts is needed to purchase inventory to perpetuate sales. Upward Capital Funding offers a debt-free solution with inventory financing.

How Inventory Financing Works

Inventory financing creates a source of working capital based on the value of the inventory your business has in stock. Because the inventory itself is used as collateral, no debt is placed on the balance. By using inventory financing, keeping your business stocked means not having to use additional short-term loans or accessing existing lines of credit. Additionally, as your inventory grows, the amount of financing available will also increase.

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At Upward Capital Funding, we provide inventory financing, as well as a number of debt-free solutions to help your business maintain a steady cash flow and ample inventory to long-term success.