Making Ends Meet Through Purchase Order Financing

Here at Upward Capital Funding, we offer many different financial services that can help businesses manage their cash flow effectively. Our purchase order financing options allow companies to keep business running smoothly as they grow and develop.


In some cases, especially during periods of rapid growth or financial difficulty, a business may not have the funds necessary to procure the merchandise, supplies, or materials that are necessary for fulfilling customer orders. Purchase order financing involves a financial provider covering the cost of these supplies, allowing the business to repay the expense at a later date when cash is in greater supply.


We have a great deal of expertise with this form of financing, especially in import and export transactions and domestic purchases. We can help a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Resellers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Producers
  • Start-ups
  • Companies with limited access to capital
  • Companies with poor cash flow


Purchase order financing has many advantages, including increased market share and corporate growth. This form of financing does not involve increased bank debt or equity sales, and helps your company to receive flexible funding quickly. In addition, it allows your business to fulfill larger orders and deliver them to customers in a timely manner, creating opportunities for growth.


Purchase order finance is a great alternative to traditional loans when your business is struggling with cash flow. Contact Upward Capital Funding today to receive more information about our program or an application.