Merchant Cash Advances Improve Cash Flow

A merchant cash advance is an excellent finance option when traditional commercial loans just won’t work. Here at Upward Capital Funding, we can help you find the perfect plan for your business’s needs.


A merchant cash advance provides your company with an immediate cash payment, which is then paid off by diverting a specific percentage of your future credit card revenue. Our program applies to sales from all common cards, including Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. The money can be used for many different expenses and almost any need your business may have. Potential applications include:

  • Business expansion
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Inventory costs
  • Equipment management
  • Personnel

Our Program

We can offer up to $200,000 for every business location, and our advances are generally available in under 7 days. In addition, our program has no application fee or closing costs, saving your company money.


These cash advances have no fixed payments; loan repayments rise and fall with your sales in order to ensure an affordable financing structure. This makes payments easier and allows companies to manage their cash flow much more effectively. It also means that the business will not suffer equity loss.

A merchant cash advance is an excellent alternative to the traditional small business loan, and Upward Capital Funding can help your business receive the funds it needs to grow and thrive. Contact us today to receive an application or learn more about our program details.